Player Profile – Scott Hilliar

1. What do you love most about soccer?
“Probably just the competitive nature of it. I’ve always been pretty competitive from a very young age, my friends and family would say I am a very competitive person. I love getting out with a bunch of friends as well and doing something that I love. I’ve played soccer from a young age and growing up with it I’ve made a lot of friends from the teams I’ve been involved with, that’s one of the main reasons I love it.”
2. What drew you to play for Richmond Soccer Club?
“To be honest I didn’t really know too much about the club when I started to be in contact with them. I did find out that they had an awesome history and a lot of past experience with players going on to A-League and professional contracts. The club provides a very professional environment and you can see that with the way they’ve developed players in the past. Also obviously the location, it’s very ideal which is an added bonus.”
3. How do you think the team will go for the rest of this year?
“I personally think that we are going the right way and that we are gunna be going up. We are starting to jell a bit as a team, obviously there’s been a lot of new players coming in. I think very highly of Brian, his coaching style has been awesome and I can relate well to it from playing back home. I think that we’re getting there as players and understanding the way he wants us to play. We’ve had a couple of good previous performances like our victory against Melbourne Victory, in that match our game plan worked. When we all click and we’re on the same page which I think will be in the next week or so, we’ll be away flying hopefully, fingers crossed.”
4. What is your best personal sporting moment?
“Probably winning one of my national titles as a runner. It probably would have been the 800 metre New Zealand Secondary School title. I worked quite hard toward that and there was a lot of training, so it was good getting success out of it and winning a national title is always a bonus. That was probably one of the major highlights of my sporting career to date. I was running in high school, I didn’t start playing soccer with clubs untill I was out of high school and starting University. Before that, it was all about the running.”
5. Who is your biggest inspiration?
“I would probably say Roger Federer. He’s just so calm and he’s a legend of the game. He sets an awesome example and everyone wants to be like him so it’s probably got to be him. I absolutely love him.”
6. What are your interests outside of soccer?
“Socialising, being out and meeting new people and sharing a bit of time with the boys and the friends. I also love tennis and I follow Rugby back home. My favourite sport outside of soccer would probably have to be tennis. Before I came to Australia I was playing a lot with my friend Mario, we had a bit of a Grand Slam challenge going on.”
7. If you could have dinner with anyone in the world, who would it be and why?
“Maybe one of the Australian models Steph Claire Smith. She’s one of the girls I think is very attractive so I might have to put her down for a bit of a laugh.”
Which Richmond team member would you least like to be stuck on a desert island with and why?
“Ratip Cileli, because he’s so much of a pretty boy. He always carries his hairdryer in his bag every time at training and he’s always doing his hair and things. I think he’d be complaining nonstop about his hair the whole time on the desert island and he wouldn’t be any use at all.”