Player Profile-Michael Yoseski

1. What do you love most about soccer?
“I’ve been playing since I was four years old, I’ve always loved the game and I’ll always love it. Also I’m a striker and the feeling of scoring goals is really good. In soccer you have your team around you and it’s a team effort, it’s always good to be around the boys.”
2. What drew you to play for Richmond Soccer Club?
“The coach Brian is a very good coach and I’ve known him previously and known how good he can be. Richmond has always been a good club in the NPL, I guess that drew me to play for the team. It’s also got a good youth promotion system and being a young guy myself and wanting to play as much football as possible it’s attractive. We’re going through a tough time right now but hopefully we’ll be able to put Richmond back where it belongs, at the top.”
3. How do you think the team will go for the rest of this year?
“We’ve brought in some good players along with Brian the new coach, so I reckon things are changing and we’re starting to get results on the board. Hopefully I can make an impact in the team and help us start climbing the ladder real quick. We’ve got a really talented squad so I can see us really pushing on toward the end of the season and staying in the league and pushing for a higher position. I reckon we’ll do really well.”
4. What is your best personal sporting moment?
“Being a part of the Melbourne City National youth league squad and winning the championship in 2015. Being a part of that A-League youth team was a great opportunity and doing a lap of honour around AAMI Park with our medals in front of the fans was a great experience. Being part of that professional environment is always a good opportunity.”
5. Who is your biggest inspiration?
“My two biggest inspirations are Fernando Torres and Steven Gerrard. Being a Liverpool fan, those two playing together were amazing, two of the best soccer players ever. I’m really inspired by them.”
6. What are your interests outside soccer?
“I love music, my favourite artist is Drake and I love listening to that type of RNB music. I really like going to the beach, hanging out with friends and I like all different kinds of sports. I also study Commerce at University, I enjoy that and I’m always interested in business.”
7. If you could have dinner with anyone in the world, who would it be and why?
“I’d probably choose David Beckham, he’s always been an idol of mine and I look up to him still. I’d probably ask him for some fashion tips, about how to grow a beard and how to take the perfect free kick.”
8. Which Richmond team member would you least like to be stuck on a desert island with and why?
“I’m new to the club and I know a couple of boys from the past. I like all the boys, there’s no one I’d least like to be stuck with. Any of them would be good.”