Player Profile-Archie Sweeney

1. What do you love most about soccer?
“Probably just the team work, working together with your mates. I just love playing with the ball, running around with the soccer ball at my feet, I always have. I’ve been playing soccer since I was a little boy.”
2. What drew you to play for Richmond Soccer Club?
“I’ve got a good relationship with the coach, Brian. He was one of my school coaches when I was at Maribyrnong Sports Academy. I was looking for senior football and Brian gave me the opportunity at Richmond and brought me across. I haven’t looked back since.”
3. How do you think the team will go for the rest of this year?
“We’ve got a very strong side, a lot of promising young boys in the team. I think we are more than capable of staying out of relegation. If we just focus, keep our heads screwed on and train as hard as we have been we’ll be fine. We’ll get the three points every week and we’ll stay up, that’s what our goal is.”
4. What is your best personal sporting moment?
“Probably winning the national soccer championships in Canberra in 2013. I was with another Richmond team mate Dion Paola, we were both in the same team together and we were undefeated the whole tournament, we won it for Victoria.”
5. Who is your biggest inspiration?
“As a kid I was a Manchester United supporter and I always looked up to Wayne Rooney, he was my favourite player. I was a bit chubby when I was younger and people used to call me Wayne Rooney, he was known for being a bit chubby as well. But in terms of someone who is inspiring, it would probably be my Mum. Everyone should look up to their Mum.”
6. What are your interests outside of soccer?
“Probably just hanging out with my mates and I go to the gym a fair bit. Some nights I go out with my mates, other nights we stay in and play PlayStation or whatever.”
7. If you could have dinner with anyone in the world, who would it be and why?
“Probably my team mate Dion Paola, purely because he’d just talk about doing engine swaps and he’ll make me laugh the whole time that I’ll be there. He loves his cars, it’s a bit of a joke within the team how much Dion loves his cars.”
8. Which Richmond team member would you least like to be stuck on a desert island with and why?
“Probably Ratti (Ratip Cileli.) He’s got an annoying voice and he reckons his car’s good when it’s not.”