Match Review-Round 26: Richmond SC vs Moreland City

Richmond SC find themselves in grave danger of relegation after suffering a disappointing 4-1 defeat at the hands of Moreland City last Friday night. With the 2017 season drawing rapidly to a close, the Eagles are sitting on the bottom of the ladder and it is becoming increasingly possible that they will not be able to remain in the league. After missing a vital opportunity to gain points and improve their position in their match against the Eastern Lions in round 25, they had been hoping to redeem themselves against Moreland City last week.
Although Moreland City were in control of the ball early on in the first half, it did not take long for Richmond to respond to the onslaught of their opposition. During the first 25 minutes of the opening half, Moreland City made a number of unsuccessful attempts at goal and it was not untill the 30th minute that they were able to gain a 1-0 lead curtesy of team captain Corey Thomas. 3 minutes later, Thomas doubled the lead for his side with a second goal and by the end of the first half, Richmond’s hopes for a home ground victory were fading fast.

The situation worsened for the Eagles early in the second half, as Moreland City were able to score another two goals within the first 15 minutes. However, the Eagles were not about to go down without a fight and as the second half progressed, Moreland City began to lose a little of their momentum, failing to capitalise on a number of opportunities to extend their lead. During the final 10 minutes of the half, Richmond top scorer Valli Cesnik managed to score his team’s first goal and give the home fans something to cheer about.
Unfortunately for Richmond, Cesnik’s goal was too little too late. The final score was4-1 and the Eagles now find themselves on the bottom of the NPL2 East ladder and one step closer to relegation.
To make things worse, they have a highly challenging clash ahead of them this Saturday afternoon against the in-form Goulburn valley Suns. Meanwhile, Moreland City will take on NPL2 west table toppers Northcote City for their second last game of the season.